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My latest adventure through India

Here we go again. I’ve been on another long adventure. It’s been a special journey that I feel incredibly fortunate to have undertaken.

I told myself in the summer of 2022 that this was a winter I wasn’t to spend at home. The bleak lockdowns during the previous two winters and general robotic routine of working from home had caught up with me. I’d been feeling restless and too much in my comfort zone as if I was stuck in a holding pattern. These last 3 years has been a journey of deep self-discovery for me, yet I felt I needed some fresh perspectives and words of wisdom from others.

Fortunately, an opportunity arose for me to take a 4 month sabbatical from work which I didn’t hesitate to request.

This trip was markedly different to previous ones. This was slower paced, a chance to further my meditation and yoga practices, and embark on a process of ‘inner engineering’ while working on some hobbyist projects in my spare time (more to come on this).  I also had some friends and family for company in the middle of this trip to celebrate my brother’s wedding.

Before I knew it, I’d hit the shores of India. Owing to some challenging family circumstances in the fortnight leading up to the day of my departure, I ended up leaving with just half a day to pack my bags and plan before jumping on my flight to Mumbai on 17th October 2022.

Writing a blog and recording my experience along the route wasn’t a priority for me this time round. While the last few months have been a exhilarating experience, often calling for patience in a country I’ve notoriously had trouble traveling in the past – I’ve taken to a different means of recording my experience.

So I won’t be sharing detailed accounts of each of my stops and experiences this time around. Instead, I’ll share with you some of the key highlights, lessons learned and tips that might help you plan your trip to India – which you definitely should 🙂

Happy reading.


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