Run, Shonak, run!

My journey preparing for a marathon

Running for the first time during the first COVID lockdown proved to be transformative to my physical fitness. It became a staple in my weekly exercise routine – in fact, I can’t recall skipping a week in over a year. The rush and high at the end became quite addictive. I was quite content running my weekly 5K/10Ks, quietly setting a new personal best week…

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Turning the tide

Success in my fight against single use plastics

We’ve been inundated this year about the impact of plastic pollution to the environment. Whether it’s images of sea creatures trapped in throwaway plastic containers or once pristine beaches now overcome with mountains of waste, it’s hard not to feel a sense of anger at the devastation that our wasteful society is inflicting on the natural world. As I’ve become aware of the plastics crisis…

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One More Light

Reflecting on the passing of Chester Bennington

I remember the day well. It was a sunny Thursday evening at Cutty Sark where I treated myself to a pizza at Zizzi’s after work. As I flicked through my Facebook feed, I recall the dumbstruck feeling when reports circulated online about Chester Bennington’s suicide. At first, I thought it was a prank; sadly celebrity deaths are often faked to generate a buzz. But this…

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