Nature calling

A stormy Icelandic adventure

I’ll admit it initially took a fair bit of convincing myself to travel to the freezing cold country of Iceland in the middle of winter. But when I weighed up the chance to cross out a few things on my bucket list, like seeing the northern lights and glacier trekking, it seemed like a no-brainer. Or, so I thought! Planning the week long solo trip…

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Topography of Terror

Another European adventure..

Holocaust memorials and museums of terror. Sounds like the makings of an exciting adventure! As you can imagine, Berlin bears horrific scars from World War 2 . It was the capital of Hitler’s regime from 1932 to 1945, with all of the Nazi party directing their military chess pieces from the Reichstag (German parliament). When the regime capitulated, virtually the whole city was obliterated by…

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Swiss Treats

Exploring the serene beauty of Switzerland

Is Switzerland the most beautiful country in the world? At the very least it’s definitely a good candidate, let me say that. Only in Switzerland could the public infrastructure get you round the whole country in a little more than a weekend. Well, maybe I did it over a couple more days, and didn’t see every sight, but what I did see was truly’s…

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All things Bavarian

An autumnal trip to Munich and the Bavarian countryside

Here’s some pictures from my trip to Munich/Bavaria from mid October. It’s an awesome city that I recommend anyone visit, and the surrounding alpine landscapes of Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen were really beautiful. As a petrol-head, a great highlight was visiting the BMW museum and factory alongside the Winter Olympics park. I also visited the WW2 Dachau Concentration Camp which was a real reminder of the…

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