About me

Hey there,

I’m Shonak Nathwani. Nice to meet you, and thanks for popping by.

You’ll find here a collection of my thoughts, experiences and projects, amongst other subjects I fancy sharing. If a post inspires you to try something or visit somewhere new, then you’ll have made my day!

Here’s three completely random facts about me to kick things off:

  1. I’m rather spontaneous. Whether it’s embarking on a day out in my London hometown or heading on a longer trip without a destination, keeping large blocks of my personal time unplanned seems to work well at absolving life’s stresses while also throwing up unexpected surprises.
  2. I’ve watched pretty much every Formula 1 race since 1997. The feats of engineering that produce wheel-to-wheel racing at thrilling speeds still appeal to me as much now as it did back then.
  3. I’m increasingly passionate about environmental conservation. In addition to overhauling my own lifestyle, I’m often campaigning and volunteering to try and reduce our impact on the planet, whether it’s the food we eat or the materials we consume.

You might have gathered that I’m an avid technologist. As a day job I work at a sustainability-focused startup that’s deploying intelligent technology in commercial kitchens to reduce food waste. I also get a buzz out of building my own applications, like YapDot and my solar powered irrigation system. Everything to do with aeronautics and engineering gets my brain whirring too.

Growing older has made me restless to explore our incredible planet. Travel has completely changed me as a person. Not only has it instilled within me to appreciate everyday conveniences and reduce material desires, but also to gain an appreciation of the world’s beauty and cultural diversity, away from media interpretation. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading through some of my adventures and be convinced to plan one of your own.

My mantra is to stay curious. Humanity has only advanced through leveraging the power of knowledge to challenge belief of what’s possible, so It’s our duty to keep pushing these boundaries to shape a better future for us all. Treating each day as a new learning opportunity and a step into the unknown is what gives me a kick in the morning.

That’s a bit about me. Enjoy the blog.