Big Sur

A heavenly drive along the Pacific Coast Highway

The final destination on our road-trip was further up the Californian coast in the serene region of Big Sur. The Pacific Coast Highway was closed due to a major landslide in 2017 which buried part of the road, so the satnav suggested we stick to Highway 101 North for 100 miles which I wasn’t particularly excited about. After a brief visual inspection on Google maps,…

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Gaslamps and glitz

Exploring coastal cities in southern California

We set off from Stovepipe Wells early, bound for San Diego at the very southern tip of California near the Mexican border. We anticipated taking the same spectacular hillside road that originally brought us to Death Valley from Bakersfield, but instead the navigation system took us through the heart of the sister Panamint Valley. For 50 miles we drove without seeing the faintest sight of…

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Into the furnace

Deserted in Death Valley

We started our descent from the Sierra Nevada mountains in desperate need of fuel. A combination of our Mustang’s thirsty engine and the constant hilly terrain meant we were achieving truly horrendous fuel economy. We’d almost run the tank dry but luckily found a fuel station just in time. Reaching Death Valley involved a long ‘U’ route around the Sierra Nevada mountains, as the Tioga…

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Sierra Nevada

Trekking through Yosemite

I was immediately thrown into the deep-end as we departed SF airport. The early afternoon traffic was pilling up on Highway 101 as we slowly made our way south east through the Bay Area. Driving on the wrong side of the road wasn’t the challenge; I last drove in Iceland a few weeks prior which was also on the left side. The challenge on the…

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On the West Side

Kicking off an epic road-trip across California

Last month I was fortunate to cross the pond on a fortnight log road-trip across California, with my younger brother Nishay. Our trip would begin from one of the USA’s most iconic cities, San Francisco, where we would then head eastwards towards the wilderness of Yosemite National Park. A long desert drive would send us into the fiery warmth of Death Valley, followed by a…

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Munching through the Big Apple

5 surprising observations on my first trip to New York City

Ah, America. It’s been a while. Actually, it’s been 13 years since an obligatory kids-visit to Disneyland Florida, so you could say it’s my first trip in living memory! This time it wasn’t Mickey Mouse luring me across the pond, but rather an exciting opportunity to meet my team from work in New York City. For a week I was mainly based at the office in Midtown Manhattan, after which…

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